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  1. Kicker Battle - Elliott Fry waived, Pineiro's job to lose

    How about US Soccer star Carli Lloyd? Here she kicks a 55 yarder through a narrow goal post (almost looks like CFL). I understand that she comes to Eagles’ practices once in awhile and knocks a few through the uprights. Unfortunately she’s an Eagles fan...
  2. Kicker Battle - Elliott Fry waived, Pineiro's job to lose

    Gotta think this is more about the contract they signed Pineiro to than anything right? Neither Pineiro or Fry outperformed the other. I agree that the team is still looking for someone to fill the role and this isn’t over yet. In other news; did you see the link about Cedric Benson dying in a motorcycle crash last night? Sad for sure. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-bears-cedric-benson-killed-20190818-ve4gwhffyrbsjcif5at2rsbyla-story.html
  3. Fugly

    Somewhere in this sh*t show resides some of our ‘depth’ players. I know the roster is still at 90 so I’m hoping ... man am I ... that the performance we saw tonight was the bottom half of that 90. Edit: I think Mizzell is done especially as a RB for Chicago.
  4. “The Journey”

    If you like hype videos ....
  5. Loved the Pic

    What’s the backstory? Or is it just Kyle being Kyle; a veteran leader looking out for a young player and teaching him the new ‘Bears Way’?
  6. Agent Trace Armstrong

    Perhaps I’m in the dark on this but just read the below article this morning. Former Bear Trace Armstrong is Matt Nagy’s agent. How cool is that? https://www.chicagobears.com/news/armstrong-proud-of-nagy-former-team
  7. Emanuel Hall Cut

    Speaking of lazy, was he the one that came off some off season surgery or was that the other Hall? No matter; he was an UDFA and (as Nagy says) there are plenty of good WRs on the team. Notably Ridley and Wims who both seem to be holding their own. I saw that Pinero and Fry continue to trade ‘tit-for-tat’. My money’s on Fry winning the battle between the two. The question I have is; will there be another kicker brought in later in the preseason not currently on the roster?
  8. Eyes on Training Camp

    Prince vs. Wims: Apparently Amukamura and Wims had a dust up recently in camp. Link of first hand account below (no video of fight). But first some takeaways: - agree with DWC that Wims is dumb for hitting Prince on the helmet as a WR and vying for a starting spot. But it is evidence that Wims is taking this seriously. - this is ‘normal’ behavior at camp so no real need for alarm - sounds like Nagy nipped in the bud rather quickly and effectively (very much unlike Trestman a few years back).
  9. Trubisky among top Breakout players in 2019?

    Yeah thats it; not sure where I got Grudens Grinders from. Think that was a shtick of his on when he was broadcasting. Anyhow... Seems pretty vanilla in his praise, except for the interesting comment he made: “I got kicked out of the league because I had a hard time sustaining at the quarterback position”. Otherwise he was pretty optimistic about Mitch’s learning ability. Which I don’t doubt. I’m hoping for good things and maybe we’ll see a little bit of it tomorrow, if only for a play or two.
  10. Trubisky among top Breakout players in 2019?

    Exactly. If Trubisky were to throw 50 TDs and over 5,000 yards in one season (and keep his INTs where they are) he might get less flak.
  11. Trubisky among top Breakout players in 2019?

    (EDITED FOR CONTENT) The video, as simplistic as it is, illustrates to the viewer one of the many challenges a QB has to process. This just illustrates the 'pre-read' and not what the QB does after the hike of the ball and all the craziness that goes on there. I think it fair to assume that with the limited starter time at the college level and last year's preseason (almost none), Trubkisky simply lacks experience. What I would be interested in seeing is how he would have handled one of those Gruden Grinder segments (or whatever he called it where he sat with college QB's pre-draft and broke down plays to get their understanding of NFL level systems). The level that Trubisky is at now is no where near where someone like Romo is; I mean listen to the guy on any broadcast and you can hear he knows what he's talking about. But that's expected after all the years of experience he's had. We don't know what is going on behind closed doors. When you mention that you think Nagy "shifted away from single reads" tells me that Trubisky wasn't expected to process a lot early on because he "(couldn't) read defenses" and had difficulty with the "play calls themselves". The one play at the beginning of the video showed an improvisation on Trubsky's part. And although it was a successful play, it was improvised due to Trubisky's inability to properly decipher what the defense was showing. When I see Trubisky start to scramble, I don't always get the feeling he knew where the defense was going to line up beforehand. Those plays should also count towards the number of plays where he may not have been able to properly read the defense, not just the INTs.
  12. Montgomery Running

    It looks like an LB covering him so unless it’s Urlacher chances are he ain’t gonna react too quickly. And if you can draw him in and you’re able to move out faster than he... badda boom.
  13. Trubisky among top Breakout players in 2019?

    Found this gem (IMHO) of a video explaining how pre-snap reads are supposed to work. And how Trubisky struggled early on last season with them then over time (and right about week 15) looked as though he started to ‘get it’ a little better. To me, this is basic QB skill that once it’s fully grasped will especially help NFL QBs have successful careers. Cutler was especially bad at it; why I think he wasn’t allowed to do a lot of audibles. With Trubisky for us ‘armchair QBs’ it’ll become more apparent if you see him successfully change a play at the line of scrimmage... and other things indicated in the video. Now if we can just get him to stop the long range overthrows.
  14. Eyes on Training Camp

    There’s a Cat out of the Chicago area that does video reviews and such on the You Tube. Goes by the handle of Da Windy City (or DWC) productions. Unfortunately I don’t know his name. But he was at training camp yesterday (?) or Thursday and said Trubisky was mediocre at best. Threw a pick to HHCD and several over and under throws. Kept using the word ‘inconsistent’ to describe Mitch. But did point out that Trubisky is practicing against one of the best defenses in the league. He said not even Brady or Brees or Rodgers have to do that so...maybe that’s something to consider (?) ...we hope.
  15. Bear Fans in La Quinta?

    I’d ask my daughter but she’s in the Sacramento area. I think where you’re at is near Mad’s stomping grounds of LA.