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  1. PFF hates Trubisky

    Pure garbage analysis. They offer no stats just plain observation and a lot of college level drivel. Who are these guys? The one interesting thing they bring up was the below average Wonderlic scores. The one other thing similar to them was they both threw/have thrown to Allen Robinson. For me, Trubiskys more like Mariota than anyone. I still think it’s too early to say Trubisky is like a flameout that is Bortles. Although wouldn't it be interesting to see Bortles with that LA offense?
  2. PFF hates Trubisky

    That will only get him so far and the media knows that. Just like Adam touched on, Trubisky didn’t really seem healed until the playoffs. He got injured because of his running. His passing is more ‘inconsistent’ and that is where he gets the critique he deserves. Its also fair to say he has yet show he can read defenses. The offensive scheme he played in last year allowed him limited reads. This year will be different. Is he along the same lines of other QBs of his peer group? Probably. But that doesn’t earn him a top 10 ranking, not yet anyhow.
  3. PFF hates Trubisky

    Exactly. And with the five sources I cited, they were pretty consistent. Granted USA Today was a bit tilted to the negative but still... I think it safe to say that those that wrote the respective articles; understanding subjective views as they are, are based on observations they made separate from one another. And believe me when I say Chris Simms is probably not a great authority on grading great QBs; his dad maybe ... but not Chris. They probably all looked at how all 32 starting QB's have done and/or will do on their respective teams. We look at Trubisky and agree he's better (or potentially could be) than a loonnnnnnnggggg list of not so good QBs in Chicago. So yes, I get the perception of a "consensus hate". Perhaps a better question to ask is how would the QB's listed ahead of Trubisky perform in the offense he's currently in? I think it safe to say that Foles would probably do pretty well, given Philly's offense is almost identical to it. On that level, I would think Trubisky might still weigh out to where he is currently. NYC said Trubisky was "inconsistent" and I think that hurts him a lot. Is it fair? Maybe not. We have yet to see how he performs in year 2 of this offense.
  4. PFF hates Trubisky

    Right about MT. Despite all the knocks (Colin Cowherd being one of them), Mitch just keeps doing his thing. And part of that appears to be a good “teammate”. I’d take that over raw talent any day. I’ll reiterate my point that if he plays within the offense that Nagy deploys for him; I feel he’ll do all right. Not sure it’ll be HOF worthy but it really doesn’t have to be. As far as Mayfield; he’s a toolbag. I find it ironic if not hypocritical of him to do as you outline above but didn’t call out Odell for missing early season practices (yes voluntary - but still). And when Colin Cowherd does what Colin does; Mayfield replies with “he (Cowherd) needs to be put in his place” and he “throws names of other people under the bus” (when asked about Cowherds knock on Beckham). Oh really? https://www.complex.com/sports/2019/05/baker-mayfield-says-colin-cowherd-needs-to-be-put-in-his-place-defends-odell-beckham-jr
  5. PFF hates Trubisky

    I think your earlier assessment of him being around 20th overall is pretty accurate. I'd say even somewhere in between 15-20. You're right in that the defense did a lot to make him look better, but he did a few things on his own that I think make others hesitate in grading him really high. In just a quick snapshot of other sources and where they ranked him last year going into 2019 (I literally entered 'nfl Qb rankings' and went down the line): 15th - Sporting News 19th - Athlon Sports 19th - Pro Football Weekly (based on passing stats) 19th - NFL.com (Greg Rosenthal) 24th - USA Today (For the Win) I saw Adam's comment about his QBR rating being at #3 but have we really ever figured out what that actually means?
  6. OMG

    Nah, I’m sure it’s more butt-hurt GB fans than anything. I was (am) a fan of Amos’ but I don’t know that he’s better than Dix. I think Dix is a more rangy player where I think Amos has more talent ‘in the box’. If we had to lose a player like Amos, the sting was quickly healed by getting someone like Dix. I especially like the special combo with he and Jackson back there.
  7. Blewit waived

    I read envy from ‘those people’ and other teams when I see stuff like this. To only have to worry about a kicker for next season is a problem EVERY team wished they had. And to think had SF not slapped the tag on Robbie, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Robbie will be a Bear again...even if it’s only when he retires. https://chicago.suntimes.com/bears/2019/6/12/18663212/bears-49ers-robbie-kicker-gould-sells-home
  8. How Mack was got

    Cool ‘behind the scenes’ story on how the Bears acquired Mack. Also note towards the end of the story how on day one while at practice Mack was already displaying his leadership skills. Freakin awesome. https://www.chicagobears.com/news/how-the-bears-acquired-all-pro-khalil-mack
  9. Blewit waived

    There was a story that came out shortly before Blewit was gone that said Nagy is now having the team use the ‘Masters silence’ (or something rather) when the kickers are up doing their practice. Apparently they are drawing from the intense silence that occurs during major golf tournaments and when everyone is forced to be silent. Nagy says the eerie effect adds to the intensity and pressure. It was said towards the end of the 100 anniversary celebration last weekend they had all of the team, about 20 alumni and family members all go out onto the practice field. They had all three kickers try the infamous 43-yarder in front of that crowd with the ‘Masters silence’. And according to the story...all three missed. Blewit may not be the only one shown the door. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-spt-bears-kickers-matt-nagy-masters-20190605-story.html
  10. PFF hates Trubisky

    I was eyeballing one of those for Mack... With regards to Trubisky; I see he’s contemplating wearing McMahon’s headbands for the season. That would be pretty sweet. I saw somewhere that Nagy had installed a T formation play last year during the first game against GB to pay homage to the old Bears under Coach Papa Bear. Gotta love that and something tells me there will be a ton of stuff like that this year. Really like that link to our teams rich history!! Gonna be a lot of fun this year.
  11. Bears 100 Celebration

    Well played Virgina!!! Long live the queen! May she see one, two, three more SBs!!
  12. PFF hates Trubisky

    My bust. I had recently watched the Rams highlight game and it was there he threw the 3 INTs. For some reason in my fog of a brain I was thinking it was the philly game...thanks for the correction. Watson threw for 4165 yards and 26 TDs last year. Of those Hopkins caught 1572 yards and 11 TDS. That’s roughly a third of the receptions and TDs that Deshaun threw but clearly not all of them. Who were the other QBs in Houston before Watson arrived and played with Hopkins his previous four years? Saying they were “easy stats” is like saying Allen Robinson makes the QBs he plays with automatically better.
  13. Mr Hicks

    Way cool Bill! Thanks for sharing! I bet Akiem still heard about your gesture regardless of the circumstances.
  14. 2019 alternate uniform

    In homage to the 1936 team. Kinda think it’s cool. Not sure about the socks. https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bears/ct-spt-bears-uniform-stripes-1936-replica-20190607-story.html
  15. PFF hates Trubisky

    Devils advocate: yes I know, it’s the unpopular view amongst Bears fans but I still am not convinced making the jump from three to two has yet proven itself out. Yes he made a pro bowl (as an alternate), yes he improved his stats from year one to year two and yes he has shown his ability to run as an alternative to passing. But he still looks shaky on intermediate and long throws (he was intercepted three(?) times in last year’s playoff game), and year one was with Fox (as many remind us as almost an excuse) where two was with the more affable and cunning Nagy and his running will only get him so far. The eye test I apply tells me that he’s still got ALOT to prove. You say Wentz was this and shoulda been that; he’s been injured most of the last two years. Why? Mostly because or his running. Watson has out-produced overall compared to Trub right? But he too was hobbled by injury. But what’s more he didn’t have the same defense that Trub did to help recover from when he made mistakes. I still see Trubiksy as a version of Mariota or even Andrew Luck. High draft picks but little yield (when talking ratios). Mariota could be something great too but hasn’t really had a chance to flourish due to not having a lot of great players (on offense and defense) around him. Luck, although hampered by injury for the last two previous years, came on strong last year after getting better physically and bringing more talent around him. And they added another Reid disciple in Frank Reich as HC. That I think is a huge parallel to how well Trubiksy will do. It’s still about him proving the naysayers wrong (myself included) by his product on the field, plain and simple.