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  1. New Playoff Format

    Not sure what I think of the extra game in the season or the new playoff format. But I am glad Nagy has decided to play his starters more in the preseason. It only took three years but finally.
  2. Roquan Smith

    There was some off the wall story I caught that mentioned Roquan was running around with some porn star and congregating with a large group while the state he was in was in ‘full lockdown’. Not necessarily a disciplinary issue as it is an ‘image’ issue that the Bears might not be too keen on. While looking for the above story I re-read another article covering his contract negotiations when he was a rookie and why he was holding out. There was a piece in that had to do with ‘off field conduct’ not affecting the contract. His agents at the time insisted it wasn’t specific to Smith but instead wanting to avoid a precedent for other players. I’m with you and hope whatever happened last year was more about his youthful indiscretions than anything.
  3. Roquan Smith

    ‘Borrowed’ this story on another site I saw about Roquan Smith. Essentially says of all the players last year who got at least 100 tackles, Roquan “only missed 3.8% of his tackles”. Putting him in the “top three” of the defenders last year. This after he only played 12 games too. Pretty freaking amazing! https://sportsmockery.com/2020/05/roquan-smith-might-be-the-most-disrespected-player-in-the-nfl/
  4. Home Field Advantage

    Didn’t say it was the definition of herd immunity, but that it’s an element of...herd immunity. Here’s an article from Johns Hopkins on the matter. (since you Insist in cites). It speaks a little on the earlier point AZ made and dispels your theory on the commonality to the flu. https://www.jhsph.edu/covid-19/articles/achieving-herd-immunity-with-covid19.html I swear I’m done this time...
  5. Home Field Advantage

    Yes it would seem most times I post you get your panties in a twist. With you it doesn’t take much. You mentioned the current mantra of ‘stay at home if you don’t like it’ which is an element of herd immunity. You also ‘assume’ that everything will be alright and won’t be much worse than the ‘common flu’. I don’t see the point in me citing facts for you as I’m sure you’d ignore them anyhow and you have your mind made up. So allegedly having COVID makes you an expert on the matter? I suppose my driving fast qualifies me as a race car driver? Probably not. If you’d like to continue this discussion off-line please feel free to send me a DM. I’ll be more than willing to carry on if you are. Go Bears.
  6. Home Field Advantage

    Holy cow Adam I thought you retired several years ago(?). What’d you do 30 years? Lol... congrats on your retirement and thank you for your service. I retired back in ‘09 and that seems like an eon ago. But in response to your statement above. Very well said and thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is as simple as that. Not sure what all occurred at the upper levels of government not even at the state level but yes the response was slow across the board. The 10th amendment does in fact allow states to essentially govern and protect their citizenry aside from what the Federal Government can and should do. So the culpability (and hopefully success) of the before and after affects of this are shared across the board.
  7. Home Field Advantage

    And I’d second Connor’s acknowledgement. Well said Bill.
  8. Home Field Advantage

    *edit* Never mind. Not worth it. I’ll stand by my original statement and leave it in the hands of the respective experts/professionals.
  9. Home Field Advantage

    That very comment is biased and political by its very nature. And probably one of the lamest out there. How this post was presented with its supporting facts/conjecture is and if itself, political. As you can see there is an extreme feeling or viewpoint on what and how things should be done next; opposite of what was proposed. Rushing to a re-opening so we can watch football in all the respective states is not the majority view. Nor is keeping everything “locked down”. For this pandemic there is a common ground that can be met, but because of politics...we can’t get there. If you and AZ claim to be as concerned about the science as you allege, you’d understand that although this virus may not kill you it very well could kill someone you love or someone else down the line. Like with many viruses, the average incubation period of 2 weeks allows it to be transmitted from one host to another without detection. In fact several studies have concluded and been proven that asymptomatic carriers could be more prevalent than we realize. When you introduce the idea of ‘herd immunity’ as you did above you then again pit science against economics. Ergo: politics. As I said before, in my humble opinion sports and politics should not be interwoven. One is simply for entertainment purpose and to allow an escape from the stressors of everyday life, the other adds unnecessary stressors to that life.
  10. Home Field Advantage

    I was going to say that if I learned nothing more about the Colin Kaepernick episode of a few years ago; politics and sports need to be separate. Especially in today’s world. I’ll leave the decision of what’s best to the NFL players and their fans to the Owners, commissioner and the Union (aka all players). I’ll leave the decision of what’s best for each individual state and its residents to their respective leadership. If it means games with empty stands, so be it. If it means no football this year, also fine.
  11. Jaylon Johnson

  12. 10 tight ends

    I get it. It sure would be nice if he were to ‘get it’. If he actually played a little like Gronk we’d be sitting pretty with him as our TE. His knock is his not being able to stay healthy. It seems like he's always injured. Even when he played it was like nearly every time he caught a pass he came up limping or wincing. If he were to hold it together long enough to not be hurt I’d like to see what he can do. But he’s had three (?) years to do that and really running out of time. After seeing Horstead and Holtz play last year it may come down to who’s done more lately?
  13. Jaylon Johnson

    Tolliver was an improvement over Prince last year. It was apparent in 2018 that Prince was slowing down. Didn’t he predict he’d have 10 INTs that year? If Johnson is able to stay healthy he could be a decent corner.
  14. State of the Bears

    Realistically speaking and aside from the 2006 and 2018 teams we haven’t given anyone outside of Chicago good reason to pay attention to us. That’s my practical side speaking. But... Like you said; to have a player of Mack’s caliber paired with a player like Quinn, Smith, Jackson and Hicks led by a highly successful coach in Pagano; it is pure lunacy to think the team would be any less than what they were last year. The defense by itself did not drop off that much from the transition of Fangio to Pagano. They were still a top 10 defense, even after losing a core of their starters. With the defense alone they are a top 15 maybe top 10 team. With the offense and even my skeptical nature I feel pretty confident they got better, not worse. Foles I think will do well. IF the line does its job and he doesn’t get hurt. I actually think a light will go on with Trubisky this year. He’s threatened for not only his position but career. If he doesn’t rise up, he’ll forever be relegated to backup duties...somewhere else. Just how far up he rises will be on him. With the combination of Foles potential and Trubiksy’s drive our offense should easily help keep the team in the top 10 if not top 5. I’d say ‘how goes the QB, so goes the offense’.
  15. Bears Sign S Tashaun Gipson

    Upon further review, Gipson appears to be bargain player. He started his career in 2012 with the Browns after being signed as an UDFA. That same year Mark Barron and Harrison Smith were drafted as the number one and two safeties (Barron 7th overall pick and Smith 29th overall)., Barron has since morphed into a LB and as of this moment is a FA. Smith has been playing safety his whole career with Minnesota. Anyhow some comparative stats. Barron: 710* tackles, 12 sacks, 42 pass defensed and 9 INTs (*started playing LB in 2014 and in 2015 and 2016 totaled over 110 tackles each year) Smith: 658 tackles, 13 sacks, 57 pass defensed and 23 INTs Gipson: 450 tackles, 0 sacks, 46 pass defensed and 23 INTs. So over the course of his career he averages 56 tackles per season, is second of the three in passes defensed and tied at the most INTs with 23. (Don't mind the 0 sacks). But all things considered and that he was not drafted compared to these two I'd say he's done all right. And really we couldn’t expect a lot more out of him as the staring SS. The only thing I'd be concerned with his durability after last season's injury and his injury history in general. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2589096-tashaun-gipson-injury-updates-on-jaguars-safetys-knee-and-return