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  1. Free agency begins

    In a scan of social media etc, the speculation oscillates between contractual issue (more likely) to his contemplating a return to competitive dancing (least likely). Nothing notable about an actual injury other than some cramping during the rookie camps back in April and him riding a stationary bike more recently during OTAs.
  2. Free agency begins

    Thought I’d add this interesting nugget here. In another story on his addition was a note of “needed depth at DB” and “health matter of 2nd round pick Kyler Gordon”. Say what? Should mentioned OLman Dozier was also put on IR after being carted off the field last week.
  3. Post June 1 Cap

    Another thing to consider is we are still a ways out until actually stating regular training camp. By then these OTAs / meetings will have been done and the team will be able to better evaluate who will be where along the line. Who knows, by then maybe they’ll have signed another FA veteran?
  4. Post June 1 Cap

    As of yesterdays camp. Still tinkering with the o-lineup. Of note: Whitehair out but he was excused for the day (according to the attached story). Story also made it sound like Jenkins could / would be at RT when season begins. I’m particularly intrigued by Mustipher at Guard. To me this makes the most sense, despite his long career (to include college) at Center.
  5. Post June 1 Cap

    You appear to be correct. RG could be an issue. At least in depth. (Dozier carted off field yesterday).
  6. Trade Quinn?

    Assuming this is actually his Twitter page. Wouldn’t be too hard to read the tea leaves. Or he just never changed it from when he was with the Rams. Either way, doesn’t seem too invested in Chicago.
  7. OTA notes

    What he said. 👍
  8. OTA notes

    The tinkering with Jenkins reminds me a little of Kyle Long, except Jenkins moving around is more immediate. Long actually succeeded in the short time he spent at Tackle (getting a ProBowl nod) but was obviously out of his element for those of us fans who watched him regularly. Speaking of Long…
  9. OTA notes

    Yeah nothing wrong with tinkering what you have before you get into the meat or TC and especially pre-season. I trust Poles on the oline choices (and advice) given his background and what he was able to do in KC before coming here . Still good to see them mixing and matching.
  10. OTA notes

    Of note, Jaylon back with the 1s (as expected) and now Rookie OLman Braxton Jones is working with the 1s, forcing Jenkins to back up duty.
  11. Hicks gone

    1 year for $10 million?!?! Yikes!!!
  12. OTA notes

    Johnson practicing with ‘2s’. Vildor and Gordon currently with ‘1s’. Probably nothing more than Johnson missing earlier voluntary workouts and Eberflus needing to see more out of him, both in play and leadership.
  13. Roquan accused of rape

    Another thing to consider is due to this accusation originating from South Africa, the officials there will be the ones investigating.
  14. Old school meet new school

    See that “Sack Man” Dent stopped by for a visit. Wonder if he and Quinn compared notes? Also saw that Tillman was in the house last week. Always good to see the alumni stop by for a visit.
  15. Free agency begins

    Some of the footage I’ve seen on Jones is that he’s a bit sloppy on his routes. Admittedly I didn’t see a lot of film but then again I’m no NFL level scout either. Since we’re on the subject, I’m trying to figure out if it came down between Jones and Newsome making the roster, who wins? Jones’ stats seem to mostly focus on his return yards whereas Newsome played WR all four years (at the same school) with one of them (his Junior year) being more than 1,000 yards. Jones’ best year garnered him just over 800 yards receiving last year. Jones has the edge on the 40 time so maybe that comes into play?