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  2. Fields compared to Stafford when they play SF this year. Stafford: 254 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT, 71 RTG Fields: 121 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 85.7 RTG Fields played against this defense during a monsoon and hasn’t won a Super Bowl.
  3. Saw a highlight film of Justin during the last game of all his passes and runs (unable to link it here). I don’t get the impression he’s unable to scan the field, if given time. The Tweet I shared above added that when he was rushed he had something like 2.2 seconds to react. It’s clear the interior lineman are doing him no favors. It seemed as though he was doing relatively well for the first and third quarters then he got more rushed as each half progressed and started to scramble and miss ‘easy’ throws.
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  5. I'm pretty sure they did and the plan was if the rookies were talented enough they were going to play and learn on the job. It's a much better way to know what you have before going into an offseason with all that cap space but it does hinder Fields' progress.
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  7. thats on plays where he was kept clean while he took too long to make his reads. If he gets the ball out of his hand more quickly, then the OL doenst need to hold blocks as long to "keep him clean" The best example was Dan Marino beating the 85 Bears. No team brought more pressure than that defensive front, and yet with a 3 steps and it's gone Marino perfection, even unblocked rushers couldnt get to him in time. Somewhere in the middle is the successful possible future for Fields. But this OL stat still says a lot about Fields' ability. Fields has all the physical tools. He just needs the light to come on seeing the plays. Maybe he never will, or maybe week 9 it will suddenly show. Im rooting for him to find it, but Im sure not betting an $ that he will.
  8. They need to play call for this better.
  9. I was thinking this exact thing after seeing Whitehair go out . Surely Schofield would be a good plug and play option at least in the Guard spot? Patrick is clearly struggling at Guard. And Reiff, a former 1st round pick, must just be a depth player at the point.
  10. They definitely planned on taking bumps (or at least I hope that is the case). If they mis-evaluated the talent this bad, than that doesn't say much. Now the question is - how off were they on Fields and have they literally given him so little that they set himself up for failure. To me that was the fine line they were balancing and it was why I never liked the move to prioritize defense early in the draft, over offensive playmaker. I felt like on paper - the playmakers at wideout and TE were legit awful and if you combine it with a not very good oline - you put a QB in a really bad place. It is one thing if you have time to throw and digest for sub-par weapons to get open - but when you ask them to get open with a weak oline where they literally have to beat their DB's regularly out of the gate on 1:1's - yeah not going to work. Now in Poles defense - I don't think he saw the explosion on the WR market coming. I think he figured he was going to replace Arob with a free agent (or even Cooper who I think they were waiting to get cut; the problem I kept saying at the time was - why not just lock him in for next 2 years at controlled cost, even if slightly high, because the draft pick traded was so low and you created certainty in the equation (and there is value in it). When the wideout FA market went haywire - it also than depleted the pool of wideouts that would be available with the Bears picks. Which meant they basically had Pickens (who is a 1st round talent - but had some other red flags) but none of there other guys available (whomever they might be). Maybe Velus Jones gets healthy and integrated and shows something - but reality is - higher probability he closer to a special teams guy vs. a potential pro bowl, to above average wideout (which is what Pickens upside is). Maybe I am wrong - and we are about to see some semblance of progress on offensive side of the ball. We'll see the younger linemen continue to make strides, get back the 2 headed monster in Montgomery / Herber, and have Fields start to get more comfortable...all while at some point they get a few more wideouts back (even if they aren't good)...in particular having Pringle and Velus Jones healthy at least gives them some guys with speed. But man - it isn't pretty on offense.
  11. They must have planned on taking these bumps because you would think having Reiff and Schofield on the field would give the line at least an edge in experience and that could help Fields now. If Fields can keep taking baby steps and not lose ot completely, maybe the line and him will finally gel and perform well.
  12. The entire offseason there was a theme preached with HITS, and I think we expected a little more consistency, but not in that way. How many times did the backside defender bite on a Jones play action? Why though, that defender never contributed to the tackle when Barkley actually ran? It took them 2 quarters to figure that out and by then they had 2 easy TDs. Our O-Line cannot handle the blitz. On two of them, there were 2 free runners on one side and 2 OLinemen looking for work on the other side. That has to be fixed. They have to move some of the protection to account for those guys. Mustipher allowed half of all pressures. We really need Patrick at OC and Jenkins permanently at RG. Now with Whitehair possibly out some time, it may be Patrick-Mustipher-Jenkins which is still weak with Mustipher in there. About the play calling, has there been any quick slants or quick in routes? Also, why are we not running into the massive gap on the right side on those rollouts. Fake the roll out, hand it off, but then have the RB go counter into the gigantic hole. Cutback! Kmet's disappearance is mind boggling. Everyone said he looked great in the offseason and he is a ghost, and he is either holding or blocking terrible. There is no way this current team wins more than 5 games. Look at the schedule, they won't win any games in the division. WAS is the only game they may be favored in after the MIN loss next week. So they will go into that game 2-3 on TNF. After that potential win, they will have losses to NE, DAL, MIA, DET, ATL, NYJ, GB, PHI, BUF, DET, and MIN. I figure they can easily lose 11 straight to end the season at 3-14. That is definitely possible if you watched any of the other games. Figure they get lucky and win 2 of them. That is 5-12. Either way, is that a success? To me, anything less than 7 wins with a 2-1 start and playing NYG is a huge failure. If they only win 5 games, Fields is obviously not the guy (again). You also have to question everyone, are they really any better than the last regime if you can only win 5 games with the schedule they have. The only bright spot is 5-12 will be a top 5 pick this year. HOU is the only team without a win, so 5 wins should lock in a top 5 pick.
  13. Crazy comparison, but for those old enough to remember McNown drafted in 1999 with the 12th pick. This is basically what he did over a 2 year span. After an injury in Year 2, they never went back to him: Cade McNown 8-17, 281-515, 54.6%, 3111 yds, 16 TD, 19 INT, 45 sacks Justin Fields 4-10, 193-337, 57.3%, 2341 yds, 9 TD, 14 INT, 52 sacks Fields already has been sacked more times than McNown, and is projected to have less TDs and more INTs in the same amount of attempts. Fields trajectory is not good. Nothing is clicking. This is now his second offense and there are no signs of improvement. It looks like he will get a year, but man, if there are no signs of improvement, it is going to be a long season. He has a chance to surpass the times sacked record, especially with a 17th game (if he makes it that far). Carr was sacked 76 times, Fields on pace for 68.
  14. I predicted 9 wins and have to step back to 7-8. This was a game we had a chance to win and made to many mistakes. We are not going to be able to stop the run all yr but Barkley I expected but we could have played better against the Jones runs. There was no gap integrity The Oline can run block but are terrible at pass blocking. This affects the play of Fields and why our play calling is bad . They try to stay away from putting Fields in bad situations. We need Monty back more for his pass blocking than running. The poor blocking of Herbert and Ebner affected our offensive production. With Whitehair going out our OL got exposed. Patrick is average and below average at pass blocking. Mustifer was terrible. We need to just go with Patrick at OC and accept the few fumbles that may happen. Fields actually looked better but with bad pass protection, it is going to stay inconsistent. The play calling was questionable . Is that because they know we cant pass block? I think we need to take him out of the pocket more even thou they had pressure off the end, get him in a run or pass situation Young players make mistakes and this is a process that will look bad in many situations. . As people say to keep it in perspective, i need to do that.
  15. I completely agree. 8-9 and a base to build next year off of with a full draft including a first rounder, and a ton of cap space.
  16. If anyone remembers, this is who we were predicted to be. It's ok for the next 13 weeks. If Justin is not quicker delivering the ball by then, we'll be drafting accordingly. And we are in position to do so. This year is base level. Next year, the first floor gets built...
  17. There is no wide out core worse than this one. But your points remain.
  18. I remember the Gardner Minshew hysteria too.
  19. I'm not nearly as down after watching this game. I'm not that high either rather I just see this as the 6-8 win team I was expecting. One with some ups and some downs. I'm not sure I'd even want this team sitting at 3-1 and all the media noise that comes with it because they really aren't ready for that. However I really wanted to see Fields and the offense on that last drive opportunity. Keep fighting as the underdog, keep working, and if we get a better draft pick so be it. There are just different players making mistakes on different plays. Sometimes on the same play. One example in the running game: Both Herbert and Ebner too often stretched plays to the outside instead of taking the designed cutback inside. Those cut backs were open. One of those led to a holding call on Kmet who had a great seal block on the edge. Kmet's fault or RB? Lucas Patrick continues to look like the backup he was in GB. He has good plays and then plays where he just gets blown up. I'm not sure what Fields is supposed to do with Patrick in his lap. Our edges are still too inconsistent now that players have film on our OTs. Nobody in the protection figured out the dual LB blitz. That's on Getsy. Pettis dropped a perfect pass from Fields that would have been a 1st down. He's never been a contested pass type of receiver and that's why he's at best a backup. For his part Fields is still thinking too much even when he's outside the pocket. I could go on about those things but among the positives I saw were some good adjustments from the defense in the 2nd half. Again, this staff can help the players to adapt which IMO bodes well for the future. When these young players like Brisker get more experience those adjustments will happen quicker on the field. Mooney picked up 4 rec for 94yds so the monkey is off his back. Eddie Jackson had a pretty good day and Roquan made some good plays, mostly in the 2nd half as did Brisker and Morrow. Specials teams coverage was good. Our new kicker went 4-4, not bad for one day of practice.
  20. My question is, could we have afforded to pay Cooper, plus lose what pick to get him? If he was affordable, that type of reciever, with his route tree, would be perfect for Fields. If healthy, Pickens will be a stud, but had red flags all over the place for his behavior, so I don't find fault in the Bears for passing on him. He too would be a great compliment to Cooper because of his physicality and jump ball ability. I'm sure they will try to trade Quinn and Monty before the deadline and maybe Roquan. That would make the rebuild complete with extra picks and whatever trading Quinn would net in future cap space to add to our 103mil. As always, the huge prayer is that a QB emerges. Fields has 13 more games to prove it or I feel we'll draft one.
  21. Last week
  22. It is never all on one player, but there are worse O-Lines, worse WR corps, etc, etc, and guys still look competent. Fields is super athletic, smart, etc, but how many games does a guy need to even show that he is at least a serviceable QB? He has had 2x games in his career where he has thrown for over 225 yards. He has passed for 2 TDs in a game once. At some point, it is on him.
  23. So I cant disagree with what we have all seen, but I would like to put it into perspective. Things are changing, and the team is growing. If we need to be a 70 out of 100 to win, we used to be a 20, and now we are a 50. The wins we have were somewhat lucky, yes, but we were there to fall into them, and that is growth. Today Fields had better tempo and was getting through his reads faster. It didnt end up in completions, but it was growth. Yes, I have serious questions about him too, and we may well be drafting a QB in the first round, but Fields is not out of time yet, and if he keeps progressing, he may be a very different player at the end of this season. We all see the intangibles, the first downs he gets running etc, and on the long pass today you see his downfield accuracy. He has the tools, but he isnt seeing it all yet. Maybe he never will. But maybe he will. In the meanwhile, the team is playing harder now than they have in years. The defense and the offensive line are building an identity. They are not as consistent as we'd like to see, but the effect of the new culture is clearly evident. I think what we can say here, is what we said before we got excited that the Bears might show up early this season. The Bears dont have the roster yet to reliably beat the decent teams. We could have beaten the Giants today, but it wouldn't have made us a good team. We arent. But we are building the foundation of something here. Im not ready to throw any of our coaches under the bus, including Getsy and his play calling. Theyre trying to make a gourmet meal with leftovers. I think we can forgive them for not having the full playbook open at this point. So yeah, we are going to win 5 - 8 games this year. This is what we thought going in to this season. The fact that we are disappointed is almost proof of the growth we've had. We looked like the light was going to come on - there was hope. That hope comes from the increase in quality weve seen. We are frustrated that they cant take that next ztep and become winners. But we didnt even used to be just a step away. Put another way - if you could add 3 more good players at whatever position you choose, would you think this team was a 9 win team? If so, you see how far weve come too. Now to the meat of it - youd say "well one of them would have to be a QB" and that's also what we knew going into this season - that this was Justin Field's chance to grow, and either ascend to the long term guy, or be finished here. And we are still on that. And Im going to agree, it isnt looking very good for Justin. But he has the rest of this season to learn how to see the field, and you gotta admit, the rest of the team around him is starting to show some areas of strength. Bottom line: Were on the right path. We have the right coaches. Thanks to Pace, this is year zero, not one. And Justin Fields is under the microscope and has not yet taken the reigns. If doesn't, then the Poles era really begins.
  24. I am not giving up on Fields yet, but if Poles, Flus, and Getsy don't want him, I have no control over that. If we have a top pick then QB will be considered. You draft best player and it may be qb. If Fields show some hope, then we may trade down or take a stud DT or WR.
  25. And do what with it? Draft another 1st Round QB? How many times do we need to do that before we ‘find our guy’? Justin is one of the most talented QBs we’ve had on this team in a long time. If he doesn't immediately pick apart an opposing defense (like a 4th round QB does with a 6x Super Bowl future HOF coach mind you) we’re ready to shit the season and “tank”. If anything this team needs to continue to play the best they can and find their weaknesses (both on offense and defense) and make those positions better. Justin has a defensive minded HC with a former QB coach calling plays for him. I’m still hesitant in placing it all at Fields’ feet.
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