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  1. Gordon Signs

    PFF listed us as the 30th worst DB in the league. They list other teams higher that had high rated rookies coming in but didn't give us any credit. I can't wait , next year we'll be in the top 10 . They are trash.
  2. Mooney Interview

    Fangio is one of the better D minds in the league but has failed as a head coach. Probably not all his fault but the head coach takes the blame for losing. Nagy was an enigma when he first came in. He limited his offense in 2018 and got mild success. As soon as he went high gear on (his) system things fell apart. This regime will rely on the run (good thing) and build around Fields as the offense goes forward. We added height and speed on O and that will help Fields progress. With all the talk of good or bad, I think a lot of people are not taking into the account of Fields being a lot better this year. Because of our lack of offense in the past, we dont get excited with offensive projections but I think it will be a giant step forward.
  3. Pioli tags Cole Kmet as Breakout TE

    He improved from his first yr to the second. He has went to TE U to learn. He goes and works with Justin in the offseason. He may be limited by his athleticism but he can be a top 12 TE. This year he may not get more catches but higher yds per catch and TDs. He has become a better blocker. I think with the speed we added it will open up the field for more of Kmet.
  4. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    If you're going to look at different players now is the best time to do it. It will inform them where to start and mix up what works best. If things follow as patterned, Sam Mustifer may be the surprise offensive player by starting. If that happens, I think it will be at OC not at OG. He played well for 6 games in 2020. Was bad last year after gaining 30 lbs. Maybe losing 10 lbs will put him in a better spot to play better.
  5. Free agency begins

    We have several posts all related to Free agency and it starts Monday just going to keep it in one post. We signed a RB Darrynton Evans, let go by he Titans. He has great upside but was sidetracked by injuries. He has 4.41 speed. A high reward low risk player. We resigned 3 ERFAs, Mustifer.... Simmons....Horsted, I was surprised by Simmons coming back. Poles must think he has upside. With us trading Mack, we will either be bringing in a DE by draft or FA, or both. The Colt's have 3 free agents DEs. al-Qaeda Mohammad....Kemoko Turay....Thawing Lewis. Al-Qwas a 6th round pick, the other two second picks. I think one of those will be coming here as a edge prospect. Al-Q had 6. sacks last year, the I think he may be the one. I still think we resign some of our ownfree agents because of value. My prediction is: Jesse James Deon Bush DHC. He had a good year, he may be able to compete for SS . Pete O'Donnell Patrick Scales Alex Bars Jakeem Grant Blair Nichols and James Daniels are still up in the but inexpensive contracts could land them back here. Free agent signings prediction. Note.. young players with upside Al-Q Mohammad/DE... With Matt last yr Anthony Walker/MLB... Tutored under Matt Quinton Jefferson/3T...with line coach last yr, 6 sacks, 19 QB hits Karif Robinson/WR...speed Byron Pringle/WR....Poles in on drafting him Joseph Noteboom/LT ... Pay him for upside Brian Allen/OC... Chicago ties Zaire Franklin/LB. With Matt last yr Malik Hooker/SS... Matt had him for3 yrs, former1st rounder Mike Hughes/CB ....First rounder that never lived up to his draft status. Poles was his AGM Maxx Williams/TE.......TE coach Jim Dray coached him last year. 2 nd round pick
  6. Free agency begins

    The Gordon thing could be a contract situation, he hasn't signed yet. Nobody was just talking about it. It could be a minor injury that they aren't talking about either. We will find out in one month.
  7. Free agency begins

    He may start the season out on the IR, two teams turned him down, so obviously there was a problem.
  8. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    That may be the case, we dont have any idea what value the Bears put on their oline until they put on pads. Its a little premature to assume Jenkins is a bust because he was put on the second team. At this point the only thing that matters is that he is healthy and go from there. One month from now we will be complaining or praising what they did. As you said we dont know.
  9. Biggest Surprise on Offense in 2022

    The moving OTs around is trying to get insight into their potential to start. Before training camp starts they may bring in Fisher or Brown to man the LT spot. They are still available. They have a month to evaluate what they have. I think Jenkins to the second unit could just be they know what they have and wanted to see what the other OTs looked like with the first team. I think if they don't think the OTs are up to it, they will bring someone in. Also I can see them bringing in a vet OL to take Doziers place. Daryl Williams is idea because he could also play RT. There are still options out there.
  10. Trade Quinn?

    The only team that would be a playoff contender with some cap space is Las Vegas. There roster appears to have a need as they didnt resign a couple of pass rushers for free agents. The problem with the Raiders is this yr they pay Adams 8.5 mil, next year Adams has a 30 mil cap hit. There cap money goes down to 8 mil. next yr, the problem would be if they trade for Quinn, his next yrs cap hit is 17 mil, if they cut him its a 12.5 mil dead money hit. That blows their cap in 2023 out of the water. So even if we want to trade him, not that easy.
  11. Trade Quinn?

    The first game is crucial. SF possibly changing QBs and Deebo contract problems, we could upset them at home. If that happens, I can see us starting 3-1 and the confidence level sky high. That would mean defense is playing well and don't get rid of the Quinn if they have a playoff shot.
  12. OTA notes

    If Kreutz is right and Mustifer ends up starting at one of two positions, is that going to piss everybody off? Although not blue chip talent, we have 16 OL on the team right now. There is two at least average or about average players in Patrick and Whitehair. A second round pick that has great upside in Jenkins. So out the 13 other OLs, somebody has to stand out enough to at least be an average player for this yr. When called upon Mustifer played well in 2020. The Oline coach had him gain 30 lbs and he had a bad yr. Olin said that he didnt handle the weight well. Olin is helping him train and should have realistic input into him getting better. I would say they ask him to lose some weight to adjust to what they are looking for. Also Sam could go back to center because Patrick could still call line plays from RG spot. Patrick has played more guard than he has OC sinced his time in the NFL.
  13. Trade Quinn?

    So what is his worth if we eat say 50% of the money? 3th or 4th? No way anyone is giving you more if they know you want to get rid of him. Logically he has more value on our team if you have to eat money. You get offered a 4th and 6 th next year and then pay half his salary? Why would they do that? Because an old dude didn't want to come to minicamp you dump him? That's something Pace would do, I don't think Poles is that dumb.
  14. OTA notes

    One aspect not brought up is the fact they know what they have in Jenkins and are trying to see how others do playing with the #1 team, what they are capable of. As it looks maybe they view Borom as the swing tackle. Someone else suggested that. . Olin Kruetz said , the starting 5 will be Borom-Whitehair-Mustifer-Patrick-Jenkins. I'll go with Olin unless we add a vet. He trains Mustifer, so his opinion may be bias but the truth is he knows what it takes to be a NFL lineman.
  15. OTA notes

    Kmet worked out with Fields also, and I'm sure he will be there. I like they are taking this seriously. Can't always tell what young players will do once they get paid. I don't think this is that common where whole groups get together with their QB to build chemistry.
  16. Post June 1 Cap

    When they can hit, that's when I will be judging the line play, both sides of the ball.
  17. Trade Quinn?

    Quinn stated just before the draft, he didn't want to be traded, so until he comes out and says different, I'm just going with, he's old and is just shorting his camp work, lazy. The Bears also said they want him here. Or he wants a bum in contract because of his18.5 sacks last year? We don't know until he talks.
  18. TalkBears Keeper FFB League 2022

    I've been the dog the last few years, I need to play until I get smarter or lucky, Victorious Secret
  19. Post June 1 Cap

    He would be ideal, can play OG and OT. Olin Kruetz tweeted that the starting oline will be Borom Whitehair- Mustifer- Patrick- Jenkins. Unless they bring in someone else. He said to not rule out Mustifer on this line, he works hard and knows what he needs to do to be better.
  20. Trade Quinn?

    There has to be a conversion going on for the coaches to say they aren't concerned at Quinn not being here. Because of his age I can see him passing this camp , his skill set is not something you need to practice for as long as he is up on defensive scheme. He was in Dallas when Marinelli was there. Same scheme. I think everyone should be here, but doesn't happen that way. No big deal until he's not there at training camp.
  21. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    Flus defense is a 7 to the ball all over the field which I suspect will give up some yardage but prevent less scoring and produce more TOs. The 2018 defense was great because it had so many TOs. I think we will definitely be more productive in that area. Also with everybody having to be in better shape and with more speed on the D, I think we end up with a better defense. Everywhere Flus has coached was always better when he took over the defense. One thing was constant, more speed.
  22. OTA notes

    Mechanics is something that can be fixed. We have already seen some changes. Changing foot positioning, and shorter throwing motion. I think we have coaches that can actually develop a prospect. Nagy was stuck in the ( my scheme) lane and couldn't get past it. These coaches are going to fit the offense around Fields. Win win
  23. Biggest Surprise on Defense in 2022

    The only way Quinn gets traded is if the other DEs look good and a contender has an injury with a stud pass rusher making a big offer. If they really wanted to trade him they would have during the draft.
  24. OTA notes

    They base their opinions on who left more than who's here. Mack gone, only played 7 games and was hurt. Hicks gone , was injured and only played 9 games. AROB sucked. Then Daniels wasn't resigned, truth is he was second in the league in giving up pressures at the OG position, 39 last year. They all will play better this year but they're to pricey to rebuild the roster with. I believe we will be a lot better this year. #1 better coaching or I should say, no Nagy. #2 Fields is going to be the man. He has ever trait the elite QBs have, smart, hard worker, loves football and wants to be the man. Plus , fast , strong arm, and focused. He's the guy getting Mooney and Kmet to work out with him. Isn't injury prone. I don't remember the name of the test but before he was drafted they talked about him being ranked first out of all the QBs drafted over the last 10 yrs. I think Burrow was second. He has it all and will be the main reason we win 8-9 games this year.
  25. OTA notes

    I don't put a lot of stock in PFF, but it is just a measuring tool to compare. Sometimes their right but they never figure intangibles in their equations. They project stats by what they did in college for rookies and that can be so wrong.