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  1. Kyle Long speaking out on Twitter

    Isn't this just one of those - it didn't work with them, so while I might think they are solid, etc, too much bad blood for a regroup to happen today. My guess is, Long doesn't trust that if they did bring him back (and to be frank - they probably wouldn't want to anyway), he knows they aren't loyal to him, etc, and he could be right back on the outs again.
  2. State of the Bears

    If they get creative, they could probably do Peters and Warford. Talk about a huge boost to the oline (and competition on the oline). That would depend on getting Robinson extended.
  3. Larry Warford available

    I think Bears will end up signing him.
  4. Trubisky's 5th Year Option

    If he absolutely crushes it you can always franchise him. At this point it seems like a no brainer to let him play this out and best case you negotiate with him during the season and/or franchise him (I say best case because if we are doing those things it means he has had a major bounce back and that would be fantastic). I'd still probably argue even with a bounce back I franchise him for one year, see how the following year goes and than pay him (if he has back to back productive seasons). It could cost the team money but at this point I think it is better than the risk of locking yourself in long-term to mediocrity.
  5. Jaylon Johnson

    This was another really nice pick. BUmmer that he had the surgery, but without those injuries, he is a 1st round pick (no doubt). And despite the injuries he played a lot in college. This was another really nice pick. I have knocked Pace for a lot of things, but I really like this 2nd round. I would have liked more picks and a trade down, but I think we got 2 long term starters and both picks have upside to be above average at their respective positions.
  6. Confused? Am I stupid

    Do they trade a 5th and a future 4th for the Redskins LT? Not sure how they could make it work cap wise, but it would be intriguing (if he really goes for as little as a 3rd day pick).
  7. Confused? Am I stupid

    Haha. Hopefully we find out they drafted 2 perennial pro bowlers at these positions. With Nagy;'s offense, Kmet is just going to open up so much. I'm not big on Graham, but having Graham, Robinson, and Kmet will be much better. Miller is going to have to step up (and Kmet is a rookie so we have to temper expectations no matter what...but I really think the Bears finally found one). They still need some speed at wideout...like big time they are lacking that. But the offense got a lot better this year, purely by the massive upgrades at TE. We need to hope the oline got a lot better via coaching/scheme enhancements (not as optimistic here but I hope it works out). I also think we should see improvements from Daniel and whitehair and I would hope a bounce back from Leno. No reason he struggled as much as he did last year.
  8. Cole Kmet

    I could see this guy being a perennial all pro TE. Just love this pick and the fit is also just fantastic. Finally we got a TE. Let's not hire Marta in a year and ship him off cause he doesn't fit the system haha. I don't know if people realized the fact he wasn't dedicated to football. I think with him now doing this full time, we'll see him get even better. Just such a nice athlete and a guy who can just be an absolute complete tight end. Despite his size, he looks and runs so fluid. Just a really nice athlete. LOVE IT.
  9. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    Yes please. I actually kind of think we see the Bears potentially dangle a pick from next year to pick in the 4th or 5th this year. Could very well be for Eason.
  10. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    My opinion - CB was the biggest need on the team. The teams #2 CB is a free agent out of the CFL (as it currently stands). If anything happened to Fuller, oh man, this team probably has the worst DB set in the league. Johnson is a good player and despite the surgery he played last season. I do agree, definitely a health concern though.
  11. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    Kellen Davis had stone hands. He actually would have been a pretty solid TE if he could catch. Not near as athletic as Kmet (but he was a solid blocker and a physical specimen). Kmet has pretty good speed for his size. Much more fluid than Davis was and with better hands.
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    Completely agree Pix.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    Plus Nagy's offense runs through the TE, so it is paramount to have one. I fully believe one of the biggest issues that plagued the Bears offense in 2020 was the fact that it had the worst TE production in the NFL (and to be frank - there wasn't a team even close to as bad as the Bears). I had read something that indicated Burton was one of the worst starting TE's (based upon advanced analytics) in like NFL history. Having Graham and a young guy who appears to have potential to be a complete TE would be really nice. Fact he can block and get out on routes and make plays is huge because Bears have struggled a ton with their predictability of certain personnel (in terms of telegraphing pass vs. run) and this will certainly help with that. No issue with the CB we took either. Position of need and nice value. I wonder if they bring back Prince at some point on a 1 yr deal too (to help with depth). Would love to find a wideout that fell later in this draft but presume we'll see oline next. I do think if Eason is there when the Bears pick they will grab him.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Day 3 (Saturday) Open Thread

    In this draft I'm trading down. Deep draft and we have needs. I'd try to move both down (but not too far) and be in a position where they can really land some of these wideouts. I'm not okay with just 1 wideout in this deep of a draft. This team needs speed in Nagy's offense and it doesn't have that.
  15. PFF Mock Draft Simulator

    Seriously. Yes please.