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  1. Camp notes

    Borom is likely swing tackle at this point - but Jenkins is making a play to take over as the starting guard. I think there is a chance he can end up as an excellent guard. Reiff is a clear starter - question is what does Borom show to eventually take his spot (vs. a draft pick or new FA signing in the offseason).
  2. Camp notes

    Yeah - the bears are playing hard ball. I still say if I had a good offer, as much as I like Smith, I take the picks and move on.
  3. Training Camp at Halas Hall

    Platteville was my one and only training camp experience. I still remember it vividly - the year I was there we had Cade McNown entering year 2 and Marcus Robinson was coming off a monster season (where him and Cade seemed to connect late). Hopes were extremely high (somewhere in my closet I still have an autographed Cade McNown jersey from my time there). Would have been 15 or 16 years old and got there driving with my dad from my grandparents place in Iowa. Was so much fun.
  4. Training Camp at Halas Hall

    Echo this
  5. Training Camp at Halas Hall

    Echo this
  6. OTA notes

    For me - I think one of the biggest keys to LT success for fields is going to be his ability to get the ball out fast. If he does that - one, he should stay healthier, and two that means he is getting better at reading the defense and more naturally balancing the immediate big play with the quick wins. He does that - I am pretty certain we will be talking about a guy (barring injury or something else) that will be revered in Chicago and potentially go down as the all time greatest Bear (I don't want to say all time greatest QB - cause that bar is so low :)).
  7. OTA notes

    I am with you - these younger players all seem like they are extremely hungry and are pushing each other, which is great to see. I know 2022 will have its ups and downs (probably its fair share of downs) - but I think the way they are doing this and providing opportunities for young players and hitting a fresh restart while trying to build a unit around Fields will be huge...even if he has to live with less than ideal playmaking and line play for one more season (but hopefully they can scheme / design stuff to protect his health and put him in positions to not get ruined). My glass half full view is Fields takes a major step forward and covers a lot of the flaws and this team gets closer to .500 and than we are a team with massive cap space a trending QB, its full stock of picks and ideally other younger core players stepping up as well.
  8. OTA notes

    I do think that early in the season - before Arob went out - it is probably true that Arob got more shade given his reputation and that even when he was back, he probably got a decent amount of attention (if for nothing else on reputation alone). But he missed a ton of games and by the end of the season teams could see he wasn't going to be there - so clearly defenses had zoned in on Mooney. The good thing about speed/quickness (combined with tight route running and solid hands) is - it can be really hard to contain. I also think Fields is very different than Trubisky. Trubisky would lean in on Robinson and make sure he would get the targets and trusted him a ton in tight coverage. Fields wasn't ready to throw guys open - but also likes throwing into space more (vs. the tight coverage) so he just had a lot more natural hesitation to give the same tight window throws to Robinson that Trubisky would and quite frankly Robinson made an entire career being a tight window wideout (his speed was pedestrian but he had made it up with strong footwork, route running, and hands. The question is how well will those skillsets age and when you are playing on bum legs (clearly something was off there) - than it gets really tough.
  9. OTA notes

    I don't think they are actually moving him that much - I think they are kind of keeping him at RT and moving around others. With that said - I think this is still a coaching staff that wants to get to know these players, which means, with young players, they want to see what they can do so they have an idea of depth and positional awareness of where people probably fit best.
  10. Trade Quinn?

    I would go as far as saying if I were the Bears and I had cap space - I should be able to eat more cap and basically enable a contender to get Quinn for near free for them (because Bears pay) and thus Bears can get higher pick in that scenario. But I know that can complicate things - the good thing is at this point - Quinn is even more cap friendly to whomever acquires him (than he would have been pre June 1st). The problem is - I think in this lull, the Bears leverage is lower as I don't usually think teams make big trades in this window - but that opportunity might increase when camps start (especially if someone gets hurt).
  11. Trade Quinn?

    I think from his past comments - this really has everything to do with fact he doesn't want to be on a rebuilding team and nothing other than that. I just want to get maximum value for him and hope he is happy where he goes next.
  12. Tarik Cohen

    Just awful news.
  13. Free agency begins

    So I love your optimism. But Sharpe has been in the league for a # of years and in the last 2 years combined put up 230 yards (was on Vikings and couldn't make team / ended up out of the league in 2020; had 25 catches with Falcons who literally had ZERO wideouts). Sharpe had a great rookie year with the Titans - than got hurt - and has never been anything but lousy. Moore is probably the most experienced who has largely been a solid #4 in most places he was. Pringle is fine and can block and Pettis is training camp fodder while St. Brown at least knows the system. But in general - outside of Pringle who definitely has some potential - but even than - I don't have a high bar for him - there isn't a lot there and I expect Newsome/Velus/Moore to be the guys not named Mooney/Pringle who get most of the opportunity to shine/get reps. St. Brown too - cause he has familiarity with Getsy.
  14. UDFAs

    On Teague - I thought most everything I read said he was a slow, meh running back, but I know he had some size. Quite frankly when OSU backs aren't total studs you have to wonder - they have a great line, good offense, tons of weapons, so if you can't be super dynamic you probably aren't that good to begin with.
  15. Draft Day 2

    I’d like to see us go up and get a 4th rounder. And when I do I am going for more speed - either shakir (Boise State wideout) or the small but ultra quick Murray from Memphis. I like Shakir as a good slot guy for Mooney to go with all the other speed guys. Just got ultra fast - spread the d out - create space for Fields to throw to but also for Montgomery to do damage and Fields to use his feet as a weapon in all that space. That speed should also create more space for Kmet.
  16. Draft Day 2

    At this point - sign a free agent tackle (Brown or Fisher) and focus on tackle again next year. Add another wideout and see if you can find a guard or dline prospect / go best available.
  17. Draft Day 1

    I think we see them trade Quinn for pick(s) and than acquire Metcalf for a 2nd rounder, especially after the run on wideouts we have seen in first round.
  18. Trade Quinn?

    I think you are right; I would do a 3rd for Monty (in a heartbeat) - but probably not for a 4th (although I like Herbert - I think Monty is a good lockeroom player and a solid back who helps Fields). On Quinn - I think a 3rd isn't enough juice for me to move down; now a 3rd and a future 3rd and I probably jump or a 3rd and 4th and maybe a future pick and again I might. A 2nd and I'm good with Quinn moving elsewhere. This is a deep draft - but if there was ever a draft not to have a FRP this is probably one of them. Reality is there are not that many guys with first round grades, but than a lot of guys with 2nd/3rd round type grades which mean having a bunch of 2nd round picks drives some increased value. So top end weak - but depth strong...good draft to get a lot of picks and hopefully Poles finds ways to get there.
  19. Mock Drafts

    This would be an all time great draft. Would love it.
  20. Free agency begins

    I think it was just as much they didn't want to pay $25M+ long term for a Wideout who was at Adam's age. Deebo is younger (2nd contract vs. 3rd contract (Adams) so you are really buying what should still be the prime of his career. May or may not change things.
  21. Free agency begins

    I'd love that.
  22. Free agency begins

    Shenault is interesting (his production hasn't been that bad in 2 years). Mims though, his production is completely non-existent so don't even think a 6th rounder would work. Would need to be like a 7th and it should be conditional.
  23. Bears sign Semien to 2 YR Deal

    https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1507195936488964096 2 Year Deal
  24. Bears sign Semien to 2 YR Deal

    This - I think this means whomever gets him gets him at a more reasonable cost. I do like the Semien back-up although I have no problem with Fields having a true grizzly vet to work with as well (although Semien has been around for a while now and is a pretty solid back-up).
  25. Free agency begins

    I think the Bears will get Fisher and make an aggressive push for the Bills guy and than role with the rest of the lineman. I presume the Bills guy replaces Daniel's, Packers guy is our center, Whitehair the other guard and than you sign Fisher for LT and move Jenkins over. Borom competes with the rest for guard/center. I kind of expect the Bears will draft skill position players early (vs. oline - at least if they can get a couple of these guys I mentioned in FA). But I expect 1 or 2 wideouts taken early in the draft (at this point) plus a DB (and maybe a safety). I am sure they will take some developmental picks for oline too (but my guess is not until later - if they end up with 2-3 free agency adds on the line - which is my guess). Than next year - they'll leverage the draft and or their big cap space to make another move at bolstering the line (where it makes sense) while also having flexibility to address pass rush and potentially add another (hopefully elite) skill position type player.